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The home of Prairie Crest Beaucerons lies in the rolling hills of northwest Missouri.   A lifelong dream is realized in this small hobby kennel devoted to preserving the centuries old breed of the Beauceron.  

 I participate in AKC's Breeder of Merit program and Breeder with a Heart.  I am a member of the American Beauceron Club and have served two terms as a Regional Director plus as a Committee Chair.  

My love of dogs began very early in my childhood.  I started with my first show Shetland Sheepdog in 1983.  I enjoy the aspects of the conformation world; the training, the conditioning and time in the ring.  My favorite part of showing and breeding is puppyhood.  My litters are few and selective to produce the best individual possible.  Because of my passion for the Beauceron, I have been fortunate to travel throughout France multiple times.  I competed in the 2012 French National Elevage with GCH Dominicia Mes Yeux Vigilants.  I have traveled to use stud dogs and to bring home individuals to strengthen Prairie Crest.  I have been lucky to have had many mentors and generous friends who have guided me to my dream of Prairie Crest Beaucerons.  

I honor each puppy and individual who may come to and through Prairie Crest Beaucerons.  Each puppy is sold with a contract which I take very seriously to protect my Prairie Crest Beaucerons.  Your new family member might be waiting for you here at Prairie Crest.  Through my application process, I hope to match you with the best individual possible.  

I understand that to bring a Beauceron individual into your home and life is a big step.  This breed connects with its people on a different level than most breeds.  Admittedly so, their adolescence can be full of pranks and mischief if not given structure.  But, the well-rounded adult brings such joy and companionship that it is worth it ALL in the end. 

I have imported top French lines and am fortunate to have individuals from the top US Beauceron breeders to keep improving temperaments, structure and health.   

I understand the emotional, time and financial investment.

 Please look around and feel free to contact me with any questions.  I will be happy to explain my puppy foundation techniques and protocols.  Yours, Adrienne

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